Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You be source of joy for youself !!

Joyfulness is a state of mind in which happiness and cheerfulness just oozes out of you of your heart for no reason. You just feel like whistling, of humming a favorite song, pinching the cheeks the person in front of you, feel like giving hug to someone, run like a child on the streets with open arms, kiss a flower or a tree in the garden and list can include all sorts of crazy things you don't do otherwise normally!
                       Most of the people I meet everyday are waiting for a special occasion to be happy and cheerful. They want to celebrate only organized festivals. Many people postpone  their chances of having good times  since the loved one can't join them  now. Most of the times the miss those opportunities forever. These people miss the their dear ones so much that they  the deprive themselves of all the fun in the present.
                                All the problem starts when we find out that all our sacrifices are not expected from us by our loved ones ,and they are willing to reciprocate in the same way!! It may be too late also to get back what all you missed.
                                   Don't give the remote control of your happiness and joy in someone else's hands, don’t make anybody as the pivot of your happiness, otherwise you can never be happy, in other words better you be your own source your joy and happiness, for it is good for you and also for others!!    

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