Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Being alone, I enjoy it.....

Being alone  is altogether different from being lonely, you lonely if you don't have anyone to relate to , nobody to love, nobody to get love from.That is the most terrible thing that can happen to anyone. Feeling lonely will make you depressed,your life will seem meaningless  and you may end up with unhealthy habits to overcome your loneliness.
Begin alone after many years of hectic life devoted to the family, is really a blessing in disguise.You can pursue  your favorite activities of bachelor/maiden days once again. All the twenty four hours if the day is at your disposal, to be planned and spent as you wish. You can cook or go on fruit diet the whole day,spending the whole day reading a book playing, online games, painting a picture and what not without anybody to disturb you.
The feeling of joy and peace is there because you know that your loved ones happy and safe in their one places having a good time.In living alone you meet yourself. But too much anything is not good.But living all by yourself at least for a short period is good for anyone because it is like meditation.So I an enjoying this spell of being alone, doing retrospection  and many windows of my inner is being is opened there is sudden gust of cool breeze entering my soul....

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  1. Hello, Fellow Empty-Nester! Isn't it wonderful?!!! There is no way I could have written the blog, read all the Harry Potter books and watch all the movies until 5 in the morning if I want to, and just get to be my own person again, without being "mom" to everybody, even the photographer. We made it, Woman! I'd give you a high-five if I could.
    By the way, I like your writing and will undoubtedly be back, but there's no way in hades I can pronounce your name, (am assuming something like Swedish?) So would you mind giving me a nick name I can call you? "Vij" is kind of cute, if you don't mind, but what do other people call you?