Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The fragrance of roses!!

The word "Rose" is synonymous with beauty.One will never get tired watching the rose with its explicit beauty.
The fragrance  roses is enchanting indeed!! It may be true for many people but not for me,because when the aroma of flower is sensed by my nose, my brain always associates it with something very unpleasant, can you guess what it is? Yes it is DEATH.
                                    I can enjoy visiting the rose garden,admire the vibrant colors of the roses but I can enjoy the smell of the roses because I will start recollecting all the funerals I have attended till now in my life!!
                                            I really feel bad about the custom of using flowers to decorate the coffin,garlanding the dead body (especially in India).The garland looks very awkward on a dead person. The dear and near ones of the dead person all feel sad to see the lifeless body of their loved one with garland of roses which the person would have worn hardly very few times in the most happy occasions in his lifetime!!
                           The entire room would be filled with scent of roses but it will not be enjoyed by anybody there rather later it brings the most unhappy moments to the memory at least people like me!!
                                 I am not here to condemn any of the age ole customs of the people but definitely I feel the roses are misused, anyway the body of the dead person will me more presentable without the flowers.Let the roses be always associated with joy and beauty !!


Being alone, I enjoy it.....

Being alone  is altogether different from being lonely, you lonely if you don't have anyone to relate to , nobody to love, nobody to get love from.That is the most terrible thing that can happen to anyone. Feeling lonely will make you depressed,your life will seem meaningless  and you may end up with unhealthy habits to overcome your loneliness.
Begin alone after many years of hectic life devoted to the family, is really a blessing in disguise.You can pursue  your favorite activities of bachelor/maiden days once again. All the twenty four hours if the day is at your disposal, to be planned and spent as you wish. You can cook or go on fruit diet the whole day,spending the whole day reading a book playing, online games, painting a picture and what not without anybody to disturb you.
The feeling of joy and peace is there because you know that your loved ones happy and safe in their one places having a good time.In living alone you meet yourself. But too much anything is not good.But living all by yourself at least for a short period is good for anyone because it is like meditation.So I an enjoying this spell of being alone, doing retrospection  and many windows of my inner is being is opened there is sudden gust of cool breeze entering my soul....

You be source of joy for youself !!

Joyfulness is a state of mind in which happiness and cheerfulness just oozes out of you of your heart for no reason. You just feel like whistling, of humming a favorite song, pinching the cheeks the person in front of you, feel like giving hug to someone, run like a child on the streets with open arms, kiss a flower or a tree in the garden and list can include all sorts of crazy things you don't do otherwise normally!
                       Most of the people I meet everyday are waiting for a special occasion to be happy and cheerful. They want to celebrate only organized festivals. Many people postpone  their chances of having good times  since the loved one can't join them  now. Most of the times the miss those opportunities forever. These people miss the their dear ones so much that they  the deprive themselves of all the fun in the present.
                                All the problem starts when we find out that all our sacrifices are not expected from us by our loved ones ,and they are willing to reciprocate in the same way!! It may be too late also to get back what all you missed.
                                   Don't give the remote control of your happiness and joy in someone else's hands, don’t make anybody as the pivot of your happiness, otherwise you can never be happy, in other words better you be your own source your joy and happiness, for it is good for you and also for others!!    

Think, there must be a better way....

When you are used to certain comforts and facilities, you get accustomed to them so much , suddenly you are deprived of those comforts , you start feeling helpless and rather irritated. Here the one I am referring is the internet  access. I was spending most of my time browsing the web, rather stumbling upon, interacting in face book  with my friends  playing online games and so on.. Suddenly for the past two days, the internet access was stopped because we have applied for a new plan  and the internet cannot be accessed till they give us a new password and user id.
                                       I felt like fish out of water since all activities in the web could not be done . I  blamed my husband we he rang up and he was upset with my remarks. I felt sorry the since he is no way responsible for what happened, rather he applied for a new plan in order to help me to use the net for online teaching job. I felt very bad for  showing  all my frustration to my husband and spoiling his mood!! I have done like this quite often in the past and I wish that this should be last time.
                                         I was thinking of the ways of spending my time usefully  and started clicking on each and every  icons on the desktop and finding  out about the application. Then I found out so much can be done even offline and put thoughts in this page!!All my frustration turned into flow of thoughts and that what you are reading now! I wanted to pen my thoughts I could do it. I told myself, "don't lose heart, think there must  be a better way …" This can be applied in any similar situation  in our life, "think, there must be a better way".