Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rain, the gift from heavens....

Rain is a wonderful gift from the heavens,the coolness it brings in suddenly in  the environment, anyone around will get into a relaxing mood.From your room when you listen to the music of rain drops, all you anxieties vanish and inside your heart a song starts arising!!
The trees you see outside your window look more greener and beautiful when the stings of water drops pass through them. Thunder and lightening add the audio and video effects to divine performance of  the rain clouds!
The bliss that rain brings turns into a curse due the floods. We have to face the consequences since we have blocked the path of rain water by our unnatural way of living!We have built our houses and other buildings in lakes and water ways!
Whatever it may be, I love to watch rain from my window and enjoy the serenity it brings to my heart!

1 comment:

  1. wow!!!. Wonderful. The joy of watching rain. you have brought out very well.

    I like two things most in life. One is Rain and the other is Train.!!!

    I would love to walk in the rain and just as you said sit down near the window and watch rain and sing a song, mostly rain songs what i learnt in my early days in the school. So many days I and madhu hold an umbrella and walk in the rain just for the kick of it.

    Same way not only traveling but even just watching a train pass by gives me lot of joy.!!!.